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3D Axes for MicroStation v8

3D Axes – MicroStation MDL application, which allows to increase productivity when working with 3D models. 3D Axes interactively displays different user-defined X, Y or Z axes and allows to snap to them. It is easy and convenient to get information about coordinates and name of the axis. Since the axes are interactive you do not need further to take care of attaching/detaching references with axes and turning on/off levels.

New features:

  • Axes are now with labels
  • Independence from standard views (top, front, left, etc.)
  • Axes systems quantity is greater than one
  • Rotation of axes system
  • Radial axes systems
  • AccuSnap using
  • Axes displaying in isometric views

Will be added in near future:

  • Improving of axes snapping methods (key point must snap when axes intersection, ...)
  • Interactive adding and editing of axes
  • Definition of axes bounds is manually or by fence
  • Choosing of view depth coordinate when axis is located on view
  • Using of spherical axes systems
  • Storing of axes in DGN file
  • Printing of axes
  • Definition of free plane for axes system mapping
Visibility of axes depending on view rotation:
click here for animation
3D Axes v8.2 - axes depending on view rotation
AccuSnap and radial axes:
click here for animation
3D Axes v8.2 - AccuSnap and radial axes

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