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3D Axes v8.2

Settings dialog


Style Settings:

3D Axes axes settings - axes style

Color - defines axes color

Main style - defines line style of main axes

Auxiliary - defines line style of auxiliary axes

Use active origin - if turned on then Active Origin is used as coordinates center. If turned off, then Global Origin - point (0,0,0) is used as coordinates center

Show axes labels - show axes label near end points or near view border (when end point is outside of view)

Axes overhang - this value defines by default distance from axis end point to nearest perpendicular axis

Axes view depth - defines on which depth coordinate you can snap to axes on view
(this feature is now in final debugging)

Tooltips Settings:

3D Axes axes settings - tooltips

Delay - defines time interval in seconds after which the tooltip for axis will be shown after user positions mouse cursor near the axis. When user snaps to axis, then tooltip is shown right after snapping without any attention to Delay setting’s value.

Axis prefix - show axis type or not. Possible types may be defined by user in section "axis prefix"

Axis name - show axis name or not. For “level” axes application uses standard coordinates description

Parent axis name - show axis name, which defines origin for the current axis (parent axis)

Axis coordinate - show axis coordinate in the way it is in CSV file

Global axis coordinate - show global axis coordinate or not

Distance from left or lower - show distance between the current and nearest left or bottom axis

Distance from right or upper - show distance between the current and nearest right or top axis

Comment - display comment in tooltip

System list Settings:

3D Axes axes settings - system list

Add button - select CSV file with axes system data and add it to list

Remove button - remove axes system from list

Show system - display axes system or not

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